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United Beef Farms Local Ontario Source Verified Beef 

United Beef Farms of Ontario Certified Traceable Ontario Born & Raised & Humanely Farmed with Care our lower price point product & is produced in one of Ontario’s principal family farm beef production networks.  Contact our Sales contact for availability of our most sold and purchased Ontario Meat Products …

United Beef Farmers of Ontario is Branded Beef from a group of Family Farms in Ontario who have united to form a producer group to bring Ontario farm raised Premium beef to the consumers of the GTA and Ontario. 
United Beef Farms is the beef brand of highest quality Premium Conventional branded Beef from the United Beef Producers of Ontario.

United Beef Farms beef is sold under two Product Labels

Gold Premium Beef  -  AA and AAA Canada grade Ontario raised and produced Beef that combines the fine texture and muscle characteristics of Limousin/Charolais/Simmental cattle without the heavier marbling of the Angus breed.

Angus Beef  -  AAA Canada grade Ontario raised and produced Beef > the heavier marbling of the Angus breed – Ontario Angus Beef.  

Our procedures provide 100% auditable records of all our products  -
supporting our claims and tracing each item back to the FAMILY FARM of Origin.

Ontario Family Farm Origin.          Source Verifiable.           Traceable Production.

Let our family farms provide a safe, verifiable Ontario Beef for your family.

For further information please contact Atrisan Farems Direct at

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